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Do you have photos of Romania ? We are really keen to use and share your photos with the world! For everyone who offers us a photo, or signs up for our newsletter, they will get a free e-book about living in Romania, a collection of my funniest experiences.

Why do we offer a free book when you submit photographs of Romania?

We are keen to share our love of Romania and the funny things which happen within its borders by sharing as many snapshots of Romania as possible. It would be very unfair not to reward others who also share our passion and are keen to share their photos or experiences with everyone else.

How do I get my free gift?

There are two ways...

1) Send us a story, photo or comment about life in Romania:

If you send us a photo of your Romanian trip or make a comment of more than 100 words about your experiences of Romania from this page, in return, if it is accepted, I will now send you my free ebook about my life in Romania.

2)Sign up for my newsletter. When you sign up for my newsletter, you will automatically get sent a copy of my funny e-book about my life in Romania. It is a collection of my best articles in one, easy to read book.

So come - share your passion for living in Romania today!

Read here why I think taking pictures of Romania is such an incredibly important thing to do. For starters, even over the last 8 years the country has seen so many major changes - from the disappearance of the standard white Dacias, to the slow decline and changes in the countryside. Only by photographing, will these memories be preserved. Help me save some of the images of Romania - it is a perfect place for taking photos. There is no where else where amazing photos always seem to be around the next corner. Photos of Romania are always going to be a talking point around the rest of the world!

Choose your best photo and tell us where you have been and what made the trip so special. We are always keen to find and publish funny or interesting stories about your experiences of Romanian life? What made it great? What did you find difficult.

Please make sure that the photos you are contributing are your own, and that you do own any copyright on them. Also, as this is a family - friendly site, we will only publish pictures which are decent - I want 8 year olds to 80 Year olds to be able to come onto this site and not be shocked by what they see or read.

Are your photos of Romania too large to upload?

As most people have pictures which are too large, we have also provided you with an excellent size reduction option for the photos you are trying to upload to us. Every photo must be 100 k or less in size... so click on and follow the really simple instructions! Feel free to add as many photos as you like to the site! (The 350 pixel setting should be fine).

Another great set of pictures of Romania can be found at .

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We have a wish-list and see if one of our hundreds of visitors has the photo you need!

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