Now I Need to Visit Romania

by Anna
(Fresno, California, USA)

First of all, thank you for this blog. In it I have found many facts about life in Romania that weren't found anywhere else I've looked online. I'm a lifelong resident of California who's never been to Romania. However, when I started writing a novel with a main character from the mountains near Sighişoara, I needed to do some research in a hurry.

The information on your site has helped me flesh out my characters and add accurate details to the story. For example, my character, Iosif, now keeps all the windows in his house tightly closed and shuttered, much to the dismay of his American lady friend. I'm in the process of finishing my novel and it will be better because you have shared your experiences on this site. Many thanks and best wishes to you.


P.S. I'd like to give you credit in the book's preface if that would be agreeable with you. Thanks again.

Peter: I would be honoured! When it is on Amazon - don't forget to tell me, so I can pass my readers on to buy this inspired book!

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