Life with a Kindle in Romania

by Peter Fogarty

I am so excited. I have a Kindle and in Romania I feel like I am pushing its capabilities to their natural limits. I love being able to read thousands of free books but while this is important, for me the free wireless internet service is the most important.

You may have wondered why I blogged rarely but then about 10 would appear at once... The reason is that I would write on the metro and then need to upload them all when I had a moment - with the Kindl I can do it all directly.

So where is my life now? There are big chaqnges all around me. My mother-in-law, Doina, finally died. She had her daughter and husband next to her while a priest said the final words. I was busy playing with Victor so laughter filled the air. There was 3 days laid in state in our living room before she was moved to our countryside home for burial. When she left the house, a up was smashed on the wall to show she had gone. I vhave long pondered on the significance of this. Christmas was spent visiting her grave on a daily basis.

Winter has been mild - only in the last few days has the snow really hit and it has got very cold. It is really nice to see the snow however aqnd the children are so excited.

My two books were launched. The big one about my life in Romania is coming but at a very slow Romanian style pace. I will now start to use the kindle to keep you updated as major changes are coming down the tracks for me s a number of crazy plans all form at once. If you join me in buying a kindle, please buy it here. Well here is my stop... more another day.

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Apr 16, 2011
Road Testing my Kindle in Istanbul Turkey
by: Peter Fogarty

My annual school trip to Turkey was a perfect time to see how a Kindle does across Eastern Europe. Accordingt to the Amazon map, 3G does not reach Turkey - My Kindle happily found it in town and slow Internet conections between towns. I was able to download and use two tour guides via Amazon for Istanbul.

By switching off the wireless connection I could easily read for most of the 10 hour bus journey here. I can tell you now why I disagree with a book about childfree people as she admitted in chapter 1 that it wazs due to her men not wanting a child... I can't imagine a better life with my little baby son, I read the dead are always with us and climate change is rubbish. The last also got deleted

While on the move,I checked the weather and the time in Turkey and discovered for once I did not have to change the time despite passing through three countries in a night.

A Romanian kid then took the Kindle and played games and read Romanian child stories as I am ready for everything. Of course,I then used it all day to read my two newly downloaded books on Istanbul as I walked around each building.Oddly the 70p ($1) was better than the $7 purchase.

Then I wrote this blog,checked the news and went to bed. All in all an excellent day. I will update you again tomorrow from the Kindle.

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