...it's underground :D

by Lala

...the economy in Romania is largely an underground economy... plenty of small and very large companies not paying their taxes, plenty of people working without legal forms... this explains a lot the very expensive cars of the rich (together with grabbing European funds) and the supermarket queues of the not-so-reach and also the lack of sums in the country's budget... I guess... Romania is also a good place for money laundry (as far as I could see) as even companies from Belgium and Luxembourg have some obscure business here...
the Romanian oil and gas unfortunately do not belong to Romania anymore...
...OTV is another story - if you pretend to be educated, you just don't watch that or do so for laughing a lot...
...Earthquakes will happen - it's a certainty - not so certain it is when and they cannot, under any terms, cannot be predicted :D... it's a pitty people get hear so much about them yet are so little prepared.
...there's also a huge lack in competent political leadership (from my humble point of view) and I look at the Romanian political show and lack of alternatives as some confuse and hopefully transient thing (although 20 years of passing from comunism to democracy is quite a long time).

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