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Welcome to our 'Pictures of Romania' Guest Book! We love to hear from all our visitors, and we are always trying to do things better. We are keen to promote the brighter side of Romanian life, and encourage tourists to explore this wonderful jewel of a country.

We want you to add your own impressions of Romania. As I am an new father, I would love to hear the experiences of anyone else bringing a baby to Bucharest.

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Thank you for everyone who does add their comments. I do read them all and I do share most of them (with a slight editorial bent, as I was once invaded by an animal rights group who were stunned when I refused to host their links to rather horrendous youtube links - which incidentally breaks my key policy of if it shocked my 82 year old Romanian granny, who has a strong love of animals, then it won't go up!).

Pictures of Romania Guest Book

Do you have any comments you would like to add to this site? I would love to hear your opinion of this site!

Please share your views of living, working or visiting in Romania and what you enjoyed reading about on this site.

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Englishman in RM Valcea 
Hi, I just found yout site while searching for other's experiences of Romania food - as I am sick of it!! I'm an Englishman too. Living in RM Valcea …

Salutare, meshtere! 
I used " Salutare, meshtere!" 'cause this one seems to work better in this case ( as far as I've read... you're a kind of " meshter" now ... building/repairing …

Yorkshire Not rated yet
And now I will tell you my story. I came to England to look for a better job and save some money to go back to Romania, and buy a little house. Two …

Wow Not rated yet
Hello, I am Romanian and I've found your nice blog on Google. It's funny actually, you say you love it here, and I am desperately trying to get out of …

RO Baby Care Not rated yet
Thank You for your blog. I know about the currents and drafts as well as what, I as an American thinks is over bundling a baby in extreme heat. I wondered …

Now I Need to Visit Romania Not rated yet
First of all, thank you for this blog. In it I have found many facts about life in Romania that weren't found anywhere else I've looked online. I'm a lifelong …

with a grin on my face... Not rated yet
...not only that you are writing upon a subject that you are also doing it so well...:D ...i got to your blog by chance...and it was lovely …

2. visit this spring Not rated yet
Last june was my first visit to Romania. Being a Norwegian mother in law to a romanian man, I was very curious about the country, the people and his family. …

guide in Iasi Not rated yet
Hi ! If you are interested to visit Iasi and the northen part of Moldova you can use my services as guide and driver. You can contact me at …

Ken Not rated yet
My first visit to Romania, was on the recommendation of a friend, who told me about the country, its people, its culture and heritage. I made my first …

Romania is a great place to visit. Not rated yet
I just thought I would drop you a note to tell you I have have friends in Romania. I would love to see some more of your readers wonderful photos!

Lilacs and Lace Not rated yet
Hi, I just saw a comment you left on my blog a while ago in August and I stumbled across your site. I have to say, what a great idea! Whenever I want …

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Life in Romanian is an adventure, which can only be planned a month or so at a time, as nothing is certain here any more. We have had more rain in the last month than I can remember ever seeing in the 10 years I have been here... followed immediately by a normal blisteringly hot Romanian summer!

Romanian find my insistence of trying to grow the most inappropriate plants, such as beans, pea, tomatoes and pumpkins in my shady little back garden odd to say the least... so I am quietly thankful the terrible weather as I now have a wonderful excuse for almost nothing growing like it should have!

Please do tell me more about your funny experiences in Romania! It is a land where everything and anything can and normally does happen!

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