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How to Speak Romanian (Source: YouTube.com)

Why are learning Romanian phrases important?

When you arrive in Romania, it is worth making sure you have at least a basic understanding of Romanian phrases, or you have invested in an excellent phrase book.

The weird thing about the Romanians is their complete lack of ability to work out what you are trying to say if your words are slightly mispronounced. This inability to speak Romanian, even after eight years, is my main stumbling block in integrating completely into Romania society.

Before I came to Romania, I decided that I would master their language using language tapes - I walked up and down the street every morning, to and from work, reciting the latest Romanian phrases and Romanian words.

When I got to Romania, no-one understood what I wanted. For a a few weeks this was fun as I waved my arms about and gesticulated wildly. I remember I accidentally bought an entire store of walnuts as the woman did not understand what I wanted!

After this, I started to build up a huge collection of teach yourself Romanian tapes... and CDs... and books... each promising me that learning Romanian phrases was a simple task...

Still no success - then I turned to a private tutor, who started off teaching me well, but quickly went into complaining about what a terrible family I was marrying into, and how lucky she was that I was her escape... as I love my Romanian family dearly, I decided she was not getting any more of my cash and switched again...

By now I was engaged and so thought I would get away with learning Romanian from my wife and family... but no luck here as my in-laws to be and afterwards did not like to correct me, and my wife had no patience with explaining what different words mean and would just repeat a word again and again and I thought I had it - but no....

As the years slid by, and everyone complained and I defended myself in Romanian that I did not speak Romanian, thought I was by now reading Romanian books, magazined and listening to the radio in Romanian, I decided that it was time to take action!

This was a great start. I then moved onto looking at their other products. I bought the deluxe version, but these are also worth looking at. I could download it to my hand-held computer, and so listen and learn Romanian phrases on the metro...

I must have looked like the nutter everyone seems to want to avoid, as I sat repeating - blue - blue - red - yellow as I repeated my Romanian colours and different Romanian phrases.

The nice thing about this product of course is that it is full of games, which also help you learn more Romanian.

If you remember that learning Romanian is fun - then you will slowly pick it up... and Romanians will love you for trying to speak their language.

This is my explanation as to how Romanian came about - it is written in my brief history of the Romanian language written of course by sheer hearsay and rumour - a bit like a lot of my site!

Here is more details of all the different ways I tried my best to how to speak Romanian , I really hope it inspires you to try and learn this wonderful language . I have tried to translate Romanian to English but I get very tired and tend to switch off quickly.

It is easy to read, but quite impossible to speak - so I am now employing two Romanian language teachers to try to solve this problem for me. Start by mastering the Romanian phrases and slowly building up from there. Here are a few of my favourite Romanian words - I look forward to learning the words you think are special.

Here is why I would not normally recommend a Free Romanian translation service as in general you get what you pay for. A Romanian translator is always the best option. It is much better if you take the time to find a paid-for service - she will become your best friend if you let her! In an emergency, I would recommend this Free Romanian Translator as a way of getting out (or more often) into scrapes. I love it, my wife hates it - read more to find out why we have this disagreement. However by using a Romanian translations service in your web browser, you will find that you have a much greater access to the Romanian news, and the Romanian shops. You will also be able to work out a little more about what makes a Romanian tick, at which point you will switch off the computer and prefer to find out for yourself!

I do use Google translate for online Romanian translations for finding things out on the Internet, what my Romanian boss is talking about and especially when it needs converting from English into Romanian. The winning way is to really study Romanian .

I have had to learn to translate English into Romanian so I can find how to complete many of the traditional baby ceremonies - such as what we (as Godparents) should do at a friend's babies first haircut.

Are you a business looking for a professional translation service?

Translation services uk are a translation company based in London England servingbusinesses throughout the world. They would help you with your Romanian documents.

Here are a few of the funny Romanian to English translation mistakes I had found in Romania.

I spend a lot of time translating Romanian to English and in this article, I have a few fun teaching ideas I would like to share with other teachers and of course parents who are keen to boost their student's English grades.

Translating English into Romanian is an essential skill. It is the only way you really know what is in baby food. It is also very reassuring. You find out the while British tobacco has the advert on the side say 'This WILL kill you' - in Romania, the same warning as a Romanian phrase becomes 'This MAY kill you' - clearly a sign they must be better for you here!

Tell us about your experiences of using Romanian phrases.

Do you have a great fact or story about using Romanian phrases? Share it! Where you understood or did you just get blank expressions or an aggressive response (particularly common in train station offices!).

Tell us about your experiences of using Romanian phrases.

Do you have a great fact or story about using Romanian phrases? Share it! Where you understood or did you just get blank expressions or an aggressive response (particularly common in train station offices!).

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