Romanian babes are wanting to meet you.

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Romania is packed to the gills with Romanian babes -walk down the street and in the summer skinny, well-dressed beautiful women will surround you. Walking to the market or going to buy a newspaper becomes a wonderful time of idle fancies.

If you are planning to get a little action here - being well dressed, generous to the little old ladies begging in the street and having a wonderful BBC style accent will all hold you in good stead.

Check out the malls (there are so many these days!) and you can sit and have a coffee while watching them drift by. Here are just a few for you to see on your computer screen - the loevely thing being that all the women below really do want to meeting someone and don't have a boyfriend already in their arms...

The best time for Romanian babe watching is in the summer - evenings in the parks are particularly delightful as they whizz past you on roller skates.

When it starts to get cold - they vanish for the season into little wrapped up Eskimos - Romanian women don't appreciate the cold and only go out in an emergency or with 20 layers on - so hiding their delightful shapes - with the exception of their dark, beautiful eyes.

You may be tempted to date marry and take home a stunningly beautiful Romanian back to the UK. I suspect this does not often work out well as for a starter the chances are she will discover that you were not the cream of the crop after all - and promptly vanish home.

In England - as budgets ever tighten - and for environmental reasons the Brits like their houses at 19 - 20C. If they are cold they are trained from childhood to put on an extra jumper. Romanian women will complain it is too cold at anything less than 24C - and when the baby (and entire extended family) arrive - your heating system is unlikely to be sufficient - I know this from visiting the UK with my Romanian family in the Spring - as we know their is no chance UK house will be warm enough in Winter.

Another thing to be aware of is Romanian babes - especially in Bucharest - are generally high maintenance - and need at least 3 men to maintain their happiness - one for love (a nice Romanian boy from their home town), one for money (this is where you come in!) and one for sex (her Romanian Bucharest boy) - who will always out dress you!

Romanian babes

Saying that - you could be lucky and be all three - so don't give up home. After marriage - is the tricky part as then you become a magnet for other Romanian babes - don't be tempted as they all seem to have each other’s mobile numbers and are not afraid to use them.

Another thing to notice about Romanian babes is they love to be treated well - and expect much more from their man than their British women counterparts. For example she must always be the first to get on a bus - but you must lead her off the bus. She must always have a chair - but never on the corner of a table as any single woman sitting on a table corner will never marry - and she will love flowers - so will that innocent looking Flower seller who will charge you 10 times the real value - unless you buy it from a shop with price labels - which are still surprisingly rare.

Another great place to see Romanian babes is on the beach. Don't expect them to swim - most Romanians can't swim for two good reasons - the first is their health - if you want some nasty skin disease or eye disease - go for a swim here - even in the sea - where the salt should kill things off - you will get sick. The second is cost - most pools in Bucharest are in expensive fitness suites - at over 1000 euros a year to join or tiny pools in hotels costing 10 pound a day. The bright side being that should a Romanian babe be out of her depth you can rescue her - only to find yourself out of your own depth and struggling hard in every other meaning of the word.

One man on the Internet offered me 100 euros a day to find him a Romanian woman to show him around Bucharest. I offered to give him a male guide with better English but it wasn't the English he was looking for. After my wife's rather to the point email him, he decide that we were not his ideal first port of call!

My advice is to buy a coffee - dream for a few hours - wander about town and window shop the women and take your dreams home to the UK or US - to be pulled out in Winter - and wonder what could have been. If you disagree with me - sign today for an online dating agency - so you have a head start in meeting Romanian women and let the most amazing roller-coaster ride of you life begin today!

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