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Dating Romanian girls is easy if you read my book 100 ways to please a Romanian woman as it gives you helpful hints about things to do or not do in a relationship. It took me 8 years to collect these pearls of wisdom, and there are lots of tips thee. Just don't make the tragic mistake of thinking this is in any way serious book - if you are of the easily offended sort then this is probably not a book for you - unless you love having something to get angry over.

Romanian women do tend to have this crazy idea that to keep you, they should regularly sleep with you. Or at least my wife's friends did - and I was hence kept well away from their potentially corruptive influence. I thought I should start by outlining what Romanian singles are like and why they are fun and what not to do if you fancy still reproducing in the future with someone else!

Your first job is to know how to meet Romanian women . Romanian personal ads are an excellent start for the hunt for the perfect woman for you! I thought I should spend a little time and right down all my personal experiences for dating Romanian girls, which should help to guide you in the right direction for meeting hot Romanians . I think it is safe to say I have had a severely sharp learning curve - and so can pass on a few hard won nuggets to you.

Romanian women are full of dreamy notions of what a foreigner partner can offer. The joys of dating Romanian girls is they do tend to go that extra mile - more often than not being left at the airport at the end of jolly foreigners contracts but this is life.

A Romanian woman will demand respect far more than does her British or I guess American counterparts. If you are Dating Romanian girls, doors need to be opened, chairs moved so she can sit down and flowers regularly proffered if you want to be successful at dating Romanian girls.

A Romanian woman loves attention and overseas travel and will happily drag a library of books with her onto the plane - and you will find that as the man, you are expected to carry them.

Meeting the parents happened at a remarkably fast speed for me. I met the mother at the end of date 1. I was put down as much too tall and skinny for her daughter. By Date 3, I was invited to a family meal to meet her father, and it was a huge meal! You will discover while dating Romanian girls, you end up dating the whole family, if they love you, you will have a wonderful life - if you are not accepted, walk away and look somewhere else or be silently miserable.

Meeting her Bucharest friends followed but I was not allowed to go to the countryside with her until we were formally engaged. This is a very traditional approach. Many women don't need nearly as much commitment to be taken in as part of the family.

Like her British counterparts, the older and more desperate she becomes for a family, the easier she is to date.

There is an odd idea with Romanian women that they should go Dutch on dates and so will eat the cheapest salad so they can cover the cost. As my wife's mother told her - pay for yourself as he is not just paying for a meal.

When we did get engaged, and could go away for he weekend, I paid for the hotel and travel and she the food. She brought so much food with her that we could have remained the entire weekend just eating and still had enough to bring back with her.

Romanian women do have a major problem – which is not really shared by her adult British counter part – that is a problem of space. A British woman can bring her man back to her own home and not be disturbed. In Romania, parents are everywhere, and busy protecting their daughter’s honor – whether she wants them to or not. These parents will also be looking for a chance to move in with you after the marriage, and so be warned. I learnt how to kiss with an eye on the kitchen door, as the mother was busy cooking all our food. The only place to escape to is the local park – there were many a happy moment spent on a park bench.

Dating a Romanian will certainly infuriate you – but it is like no other experience you will experience. Romanian women have the most vicious tempers – which would kill any British relationship. After 10 minutes of fuming, she will be back to her delightful, bubbly, happy self and you will be just left stumped at what happened and why it did not have any lasting impact on her. This will continue throughout the marriage – and extends to all the extended family. She will also like some commitment – but will quietly wait for the man to ask the question, as it his job – and she will frown on any woman who pretty much twists a man’s arm into submission as this is not her way of doing things.

Good luck and tell me how it all goes.

Here are a few of my experiences of dating Romanian girls and sex in Romania and Romanian sex must by its very nature be some of the least relaxed sex in Europe. As most people live in tiny apartments, more often than not with their parents a paper thin wall away, no one wanting to disturb the house with wild cries of 'Yes, Yes, Yes!' and thumping bed frames on the wall, I guess it must be quite a different experience to British couples, who are at least a few towns away from their nearest relatives.

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