Pictures of Romania - Pictures of another life.

Pictures of Romania started out as a dream to share the wonders of Romania with the world. I arrived here in 2002 and promptly became engaged a few months later to a wonderful Romanian woman, Irina, and married in 2003 and I have been here ever since.

The site has grown and developed over this time into a mix of adventures, advice and funny stories of mishap and adventure. After a long while of remaining dormant and forgotten, I thought it was time to refresh the site, and return to the parts which have made me laugh out loud about being an English man in Romania.

The site reflects what both I have thought were important issues and also at times, what people were actively searching for from this site. It is a collection of ideas and events - nothing is written with any real seriousness, it is more a way to even up the imbalance I get from people who really do run poor old Romania and its people down.

When you ask the average person what does Romania mean to you? The answer is almost certainly going to be a negative one, involving poverty, crime, orphanages, prostitutes and sex and thieves. Oh and a good dash of corruption, street dogs and gypsying hating on the side.

What does Romania mean to me? Sure you have all the above mentioned things. But so do you in London, Paris and any other major city. For some reason it just tends to stick better to Romanians than anyone else. I have had the rare privilege to be offered a life with real Romanians and to integrate myself the best I can into their way of thinking and acting. It has in no ways been easy, as you will discover as you read my pages - but what it has invariably been is a positive, life changing experience. One which I really do wish others could embrace and hold and experience.

The best I can do through this pictures of Romanian site is and I will keep trying to do is to offer you the chance of living a life in Romanian through me. What I see, you see, what I feel, you will feel and the ups and downs of my daily life will become something which others can read, experiences and enjoy.

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